To The Friends I’ve Disappointed.

To The Friends I've DisappointedIt seems odd. Being a good friend should be like riding a bike, right? Something that once you learn how to do, then becomes second nature as time goes on. Turns out I was very wrong on that one.

Like every good relationship, you need communication and work. Friendship is very much included in this definition, and I’ve let that go. To all those who I was once friends with, the ones who have tried their damnedest to stick around, and those who still try in spite of their better judgement; I’m sorry. Continue reading →

There Is A Darkness

I Am Not PerfectThere is a darkness that has a hold of my soul. The brightest part is growing dimmer as each hour passes. I’m wondering if there is a chance to even be released this time.

It’s strange, simply because I have no true reason to be this down. This broken. But isn’t that the way of things? I’m afraid I’m being selfish and demanding.

I hear my children playing together in the next room, and I’m grateful for their happiness. If only I could partake in that joy with them. Instead it’s a “Mommy doesn’t feel well” or “Not right now, I’m too tired.” Continue reading →

Five Spiritual Guides – Insect Edition!

Insect Spiritual Guides

There is something to be said for those who find comfort in the companion of spirit guides. It’s important for those seeking spiritual guidance to take notice of their surroundings and see what has been around them all along.

I offer you a little insight on five of the most common insects, as well as their spiritual meanings. Please remember though, these are simply the basic meanings. This is only a base for the information you are looking for. It’s important to hold your own experiences and emotions when searching for your answers. Continue reading →

Kids And Summer Journaling

Summer Journaling

I know what you’re all thinking. Schools out! Why would you place that extra work on your children during their summer holidays? Well, for a couple reasons really. Continue reading →

15 Positive Affirmations/Mantras

I Will Not Let FearHello, to all you wonderful people out there!! I thought today I would share with you a few of the positive affirmations/Mantras that I have been repeating to myself as of late. We always hear about the concept of positive thinking and how we can open ourselves up for something great. By bashing  away the negativity with some decent thoughts, good might actually come of it! Well, having a happy way of thinking can certainly turn your entire day around, that’s for sure.  I decided to place them all on photos that I’ve taken, just to jazz them up a bit for you! Continue reading →

31 Flexible Work At Home Income Ideas

31FlexibleIf there is one thing that I learned while not working, and trying to find work, is that it’s CRUCIAL nowadays for both parents to be working and generating income. Imagine the days when it was only necessary for one parent to take on the financial responsibilities while still being able to have some financial freedom in the process! Those days are long, long, LONG gone.

So, I’ve decided to put together a little list of things that would be able to help find that perfect side hustle job. One of these just might be able to help keep up with the bills (or even just add a little extra cash to your rainy day fund.) Either way, I hope that those who found this page, find success in their hunt for extra income! Continue reading →

Mini Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins!


minimuffinsOkay, not going to lie. We buy banana’s all the time, and they rarely get eaten. We buy them for the purpose of using them in smoothies. But again, they rarely get used.

After seeing these bananas sitting on the counter for days, and quickly turning into the perfect banana bread consistency, drove me crazy.

Since time is always a factor I needed something quick and easy to complete, that would be tasty, and most importantly to use those damn bananas!

After a quick search, I found a great recipe on You can find the original recipe here.

When I made these, I only had a couple slight variations. I used smaller bananas, and added white chocolate chips, milk chocolate chips and vanilla to the mixture.  Everything else I stayed true to the recipe.

Here it is! Continue reading →

Splat Hair Colour Review!


Review“When a woman who cuts her hair, she’s about to change her life”. That brilliant piece of quote is by the ever loved and renowned Coco Chanel. The best part about this quote? It’s not only true for hair cuts, but for new styles and colour changes, too!

Styling your hair on a budget is tricky. If you have the option of getting your hair done professionally at a salon, I suggest do that. The chances of you dying your scalp is minimal. But if you’re like me, and like to spice things up every now and again, but what you want is not in the budget, there are other colouring options.

My usual go to brand is Feria by L’Oreal. It’s easy, the colour choices are pretty decent (especially if you’re going for a red tone.)

I’ve been dying my hair with box dye (yes I’m sure all those hair stylists out there are cringing, but I loved it then, and love it now.) Continue reading →

Having A C-Section Doesn’t Make You Less of A Mother

C-Section ScarA photo about April being C-Section awareness month popped up in my news feed today. I have to say that it brought back many memories regarding my two precious little girls. Two separate births, and two emergency c-sections later, I’m a PROUD owner of my scars.

There is a ton of stigma attached to this. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard people comment on how it’s not a real birth, or the connection with my children wouldn’t be there. I admit that I had it all mapped out when it came to a birth plan with my first Princess. There would be no section, I would go natural. (I also said that I would breastfeed but that was an impossibility that I will post about at another time.)

I never dreamed that by having a Caesarian Section that I would not be considered a real mom, or I would be debated against whether or not I actually gave birth to my child. I was floored to hear people argue and say that my bond with my child wouldn’t be as strong as other naturally birthed children. Well, I call bullshit on all those who think that.  Continue reading →

Spring has Sprung!


Spring has SprungSpring can be such a magical time of the year. Snow is melting, weather is getting warmer, and mother nature is sharing with the world new life.

This is a list of Spring has Sprung activities that I plan on tackling with my family in the near future. It’s kind of a goal to complete all these things before summer begins. We all know how busy life can get, so I’m also trying to add more family time in our lives. Anyway, as each task is completed I will be posting the how to’s and what not’s for each activity and how it went!

You can keep checking back if you like, or follow this blog for recent updates. You can also follow my Facebook Page as well! (I’m also open to suggestions on what to add to the list that you all might think would be a fun activity!) Continue reading →